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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 18, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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members of his own party try to launch a campaign to keep him off the november ballot again. warning signs missed. new questions today about if the orlando attacker could have been stopped as investigators exposed more about his life leading up to last weekend's attack and no fly, no ball. the worst mass shooting in history and congress volleying ideas back and forth to try to reach a compromise. we'll speak live to one of the senators that made it his mission to keep weapons out of the wrong hands. >> law enforcement officials expected to be greeted by hundreds of protestors nearby. he is wearing a white coat and carrying a white hood. the sponsor is unknown. trump was just in las vegas.
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jacob has been following the trump campaign in phoenix where we showed these pictures. let's go to jacob. jacob can you hear me? when he does get ready we'll go straight back to him but i'll play a little bit of what he said earlier in one of his rallies. when we get that sound we'll get that to you as well. joining me now is matt welch and the political reporter of the guardian as well. the two of you are here and the questions where a third time is a charm and this time it is. i want to get straight to what donald trump has been saying today. but this time its those that can change the rules about the convention itself. what is behind us? is it relevant?
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>> it's another sign that the never trump crowd has been so pathetically inept in this campaign. 30 out of what? 1200 and some odd delegates and 2,000 plus that are calling themselves on the phone and saying what can we do to change it? they have to change it at the committee level and get a lot of pressure against that but they want to change the rule saying that you don't have to vote for a candidate that's won x number of states but in order to do that imagine the next step. the next step is that you have 14 million people voted for donald trump in the primaries and they're going to be super angry and mobilize. >> but first you have to get to the rules committee to change that stuff but they would have to be choose a candidate. they don't have plan b so it's
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more of an expression of pathetic ineffectualness among these people that hate donald trump and think he will be a disaster for the party but they don't have a plan b so far. >> your thought on this? >> well, i think that they face an uphill climb and, you know, as matt was just saying there hasn't been an organized effort for all of these months. every time they talked about plans to thwart donald trump no one has gone through with him. you have this effort that gets to the heart of the problem. republicans convince themselves that donald trump was going to change who he was and run a different kind of campaign but they learn that in the last couple of weeks with his controversial comments about the judge going after him about his hispanic origins and going in his response where he didn't have a coherent plan and it's going to get worse.
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they could have stopped him much sooner and had more of a unified stand among his opponents in the republican primary. that never really happened so here they are with declining favor blt and working class voters he needed. >> we have jacob now. live for us there in arizona at one of the rallies. what is the latest and what have you been seeing? i think we solved our technical issues. okay. looks like our connection. >> okay. now you can hear me. >> i can hear you. go ahead. >> you were looking at somebody just kicked out of the rally for a shirt that he had on. we'll take you around. the people all in line have now gone up into the rally. they have opened the doors many
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hours early it's because of the triple digit heat. they're giving away free water here. the same thing in loss vegas. we're looking at the same thing here. >> he represents everything besides the gop and only person that's for the freedom of america. >> recently he hasn't done as well in the polls as in the primaries. what do you make of that? >> i think a lot of that is due to the media and the republican party and the democratic party and that is to give him a choice. so there's a lot of issues the american people are focused on. >> is there anything that makes you question whether he is ready for the job? >> he's not your typical politician. and that's what i think is
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honest and he's going to do what he says for the most part. i believe that our average politicians are not going to do what they say. they want to get voted in and do whatever they want. they'll support it when they get in there. >> last question, the republican party, the speaker paul ryan not telling people, his colleagues they have to support him and have a lot of republican senators and others saying they'll never support hill. can he win without that support? >> i guess we'll see. >> i think he can win, yes. i think it's him and the american people against the establishment. so on both sides of the party democratic and republican side establishments. >> john, thank you so much for your time. >> he is coming out defiant. as defiant as we have ever seen him talk about the orlando shooting and talking about the republican party saying that he
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could use some of the help but saying if he needs to he'll self-fund his campaign so whatever happens you'll see donald trump just as defiant as ever. you'll have him doing a few of those speeches where he has the teleprompters and then he gets pack on the trail in his rallies and he's back at the donald trump that we have been seeing for the last year now. richard. and it's not necessarily been a great week for donald trump. there was the abc news washington post poll that showed the favorability has only grown within the last week. >> a lot is the democratic side finally consolidating it matters
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that it has been appealing toward others. whether they're the chinese or muslim immigrants or mexicans more crafty about trading and sending their immigrants over so when you have so many others you run out of people that are on your team. >> i want to play the sound of him hitting out and i was alluding to this earlier against the rnc and the republican party and the lack of support and delegates behind them. let's play a little bit of that. >> breaking news. there will be this and that at the convention. who are they going to pick? i beat everybody. i don't mean beat, i beat the
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hell out of them, right? and we're going to beat hilary and it would be helpful if the republicans could help us a little bit. >> so jacob was saying that he has seen more intensity from the candidate when he has been on the trail with him and it's the intensity being dialled up here. is that the right way to turn it around? especially when aimed on at the party that he needs on the ground? >> part of the problem is this is coming at a time when donald trump is losing support from republican officials in washington. he lost for example the endorsement from illinois over his comments. you had house speaker paul ryan saying in an interview with meet the press that the house republicans should vote their conscious which is freeing them up from having to support the dom knee of their own party so
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the more he takes ail the more he can consolidate report. what he had been hoping for is that he would turn more presidential and turn his attention toward the campaign. he is still stuck in the same primary mind set but as we have seen numbers, that approach is not going to help hill in november. hilary is capitalizing on the fact that he has been unable to change his tone and put forward any substance. >> it's quite a stew of mexican strategy as we look at all that's happening. i want to play a little bit -- talk about messaging, from paul ryan speaker of the house. this is going to be on meet the press tomorrow. house speaker paul ryan saying this about his party unity. take a listen. >> the last thing that i would do is tell anybody to do something that's contrary to their conscious. of course i wouldn't do that. believe me, chuck, this is a very strange situation.
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>> so what does his conscious say? >> who knows where his conscious is. i say it with some fondness toward the guy but his career has been the person that you thought his conscious said x but then he would vote for y because we need to come together as a party. he did this with his support for donald trump and the support for the bailouts. he has covered himself in end glory during this process playing this hamlet act. >> quickly to you response here from paul ryan as you were illuding to. >> it's notable in his press conference on capitol hill a few days ago he did not explicitly say when he was asked would you
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put -- is your support for donald trump binding, whether that was the case. he ducked the question. he wants to leave open the possibility that if he wants to take back that endorsement he could. he is still supporting him but he recognizes the consequences he wants to take seriously he has own image. >> thank you. matt you're going to stay with us. i'll see you later. thank you both. >> thank you. >> next no fly no buy. we'll speak to one of the senate democrats that's part of the 15 hour filibuster on the hill demanding a vote on legislation that both 2016 candidates call common sense. which will get that praise. >> the senator joins us and weighs in. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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>> a very contentious gun control debate in congress two presumptive nominees may have agreed on that debate. both activities acknowledging something should be done about access to guns by those on a terrorist watch list. >> surely question agree if the fbi is watching you for suspected terrorist links you should not be able to buy a gun with no questions asked. and yes if you are too dangerous to get on a plane you're too dangerous to buy a gun. >> are you in favor of some greater gun control than you were before in light of what happened saturday night? >> i'm going to be looking at it very, very seriously.
1:17 pm
the terror watch list and the no fly list i'll be talk to the nra about that and starting a real dialogue. >> well after a marathon filabuster lead by chris murphy it is expected that the senate will vote on four gun control related measures as early as monday. joining us to give us insight into how the votes will play out is the senator from connecticut. thank you for being with us and you heard the set up here as you listen to both of the nominees. are are they agreeing on something? >> they're agreeing about terrorists buying gun. i have never seen the outpouring of support about terrorists
1:18 pm
buying guns and pledged by the student and killers there. and maybe we can't really say about donald trump that the terrorist should be banned from buying guns but the republican proposal here actually would make it more difficult to bar a terrorist from buying a gun than to arrest him in the first place because the probable cause standard means you could arrest him and there would have to be a public trial in effect so the trump nra republican proposal may do more harm than good. the details are very, very porn. >> details. >> our proposal is basically just ban the terrorist from buying a gun.
1:19 pm
>> and there are two lists as many know here. one that is 800 to a little bit over a million. 800,000 to a little bit over a million. that's the watch list and then the no fly list which is about 64,000 people, individuals which do you support? >> which do you think is approved as those that are registered and able to use a gun? >> both should be used and should be used in deciding whether to block a terrorist based on evidence, on fact, that that person is engaged in terrorist activity or preparing or aiding it or that kind of determination ought to be fact and evidence based. not just on a list and there ought to be due process so that somebody can remove a name from the list. >> you heard the criticism here. even if the killer here in orlando was stopped because of
1:20 pm
his connections to terrorism he still could have purchased weapons legally online or from a private seller because you don't get a background check with those. that's a loophole there. and right now it's against the law for criminals to buy guns or drug addicts. that law can't really be enforced and nor can the terrorist ban unless there's background checks. that why we put these two proposals together and by the way it's really just a start. there was a reference in the last hour to a ban on assault weapons and i strongly advocated a ban on assault weapon sales for decades.
1:21 pm
and these two measures are a start. >> that's what you're saying here senator. do you think what you just eluded to here, the background checks for online purchases is in 19 of 50 states right now. that's a requirement. do you think it's needed on the federal level? do you think it's possible to get this passed on a federal level? >> the reason it's needed on a federal level very definitely yes is that state boundaries are poris. assault weapon traffickers and criminals have no respect for state boundaries. lost and stolen guns can be trafficked across state lines which is why a ban on illegal trafficking and straw purchases should be part of it. so we need to see this as another steps.
1:22 pm
>> quickly here what is your sense of your conversations on both sides of the aisle right now. is it different this time around? >> it is different. >> america has changed. i sense that in the outpouring of support after we stood on the floor for 15 hours. senator booker, senator murphy and myself and second the links to terrorists are a reason to move forward with effective measures in the wake of sandy hook which involved us in connecticut very intimately and tragically. we saw no link to our enemies here. what we have is isis supporting and inspired killing, using guns
1:23 pm
purchased by violent extremists here at home. >> thank you richard. >> hillary clinton is set to become the first woman to become a major political party's presidential nominee there's the first to tell you about at harvard. it is the first building in the business schools history to be named after a woman. it's also the first time the business school has named a building after an asian american. hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm...
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1:27 pm
put into protective custody after they were found inside the home of a man that was charged with sexually assaulting one of the girls since 2012. morgan is outside of the home where the girls were found. morgan. >> lots of police activity on this otherwise quite block here. you can see where police have been coming inside and outside of this house and bringing them in and out and removing two of the vehicles. this is after 12 young girls between 6 months and 8 years old were found living inside this home with a 51-year-old man and the neighbors say they knew something didn't feel right. >> acting on a tip police came upon a disturbing scene. 12 girls ranging in age from 6 months to 18 years old living secretly inside the home of a 51-year-old man. he has been arrested and charged with sexually assault, suspected of fathering two children with one of the girls.
1:28 pm
>> this child was, gave birth to two other children through an inappropriate relationship. authorities are still trying to identify the other children. >> as far as i know we haven't located birth certificates or paperwork or these kids yet. >> neighbors grew suspicious of the boarded windows and the girls behavior. >> multiple times i have ridden by this house and seen young girls, various ages of children dressed mostly in amish clothing often afraid. >> growing tall weeds. i see children in the driveway. i'm like there is something not right here. they're never at the sochool bu. >> the neighbor felt she had to call thoracics. >> they looked sad and fearful. >> the 18-year-old's parents also in custody are believed to have been members of the amish
1:29 pm
community and now face child endangerment charges. police reached out to sources with knowledge of the amish community for help in the case. authorities don't know how long the girls were living in his house and are holding all three adults on $1 million bail. >> richard, one other curious element to this story that we're investigating are the accusations that the 18-year-old's parents actually gifted her to 1 5 1-year-old lee kaplan for helping them through financial troubles. now those parents and him remain behind bars this afternoon and those 12 children rescued from this home remain in police custody. >> thank you for that. still to come for you, new information surfacing about the orlando shooter that's raising new questions about how to keep weapons out of the wrong hands. this as we learn more about why the lgbt community is more likely to be the target of hate crimes than any other minority group. we dive into that.
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welcome back. there's new questions today about how the night club shooter in orlando obtained his gun formitt. it listed a florida psychologist that said she never administered him a test. that test determined that the employee was mentally and emotionally statement. the psychologist says in september 2007 i was not living or working in florida. i was not performing any work for wackenhut and i did not administer any examination to omar mateen. any statement to the contrary is false. >> good afternoon, richard. we're learning more about the possible motives in the background of omar marten including his dismissal in 2007.
1:34 pm
now according to documents provided to nbc news he talked about that and he fell asleep at the gun range. a source tells nbc news his wife continues to cooperate with investigators handing over a number of electronics including cell phones, laptops and an ipad. funerals continue throughout the state of florida and puerto rico. a local cemetery dedicated a plot of land for families that want to lay their loved ones to rest and more people continue to be released from the hospital and 19 people remain hospitalized. two have opinion upgraded from critical condition. >> thank you. >> despite recent progress that we have been telling you about the lgbt community is still the most likely to be target of hate crimes in america. collected by the fbi in 2005,
1:35 pm
jewish people were more likely to be victims of hate crimes than anyone else. nine years later lgbt adults are first among minority groups. they're twice as likely to be targeted than african americans. mark as we look at these numbers, why are we seeing an increase in violence against lgbt people today? >> well that's some what open for debate. what is really going on is that society as a whole is clearly moving in favor of lgbt rights. there's a whole lot of polling that shows that. the most obvious has to deal with very rapidly gaining acceptance of same sex marriage. what we have found is that typically in those situations as society moves away from the anti people that the people are really opposed to lgbt rights
1:36 pm
often times grow more extreme and more radical. what we have been hearing for the last four and five years is more and more hysterical propaganda about gay people. gay people are responsible for the nazi holocaust. they are diseased perverts destroying western civilization. that kind of talk and ultimately when you say those things about a minority group of people it translates into criminal violence. >> are you saying with recent progress you have equal and opposite rhetoric? >> i don't know about equal and opposite but it's a backlash from that minority sector of society that very much is opposed to these rights advancing. if you think back to the civil rights movement, very similar thingful american society is more accepting and the violence of the clan and grew more and more extreme.
1:37 pm
>> ranked first among homicides and followed by black and fwa men. so we can see that there are certain spaces where the homicides are even higher. when you look at these numbers, black transgender women at 39%, what is behind that. >> we have found the same thing. it's certainly true that transwomen of color are the most victimized minority within the larger minority of lgbt people. i think that transgender people in general are still very despised by a good number of people. certainly more so than gay people and made really significant advances. and still think often times of transpeople as being very bizarre beings and sort of not deserving to live on the same earth so that is essentially
1:38 pm
what's going on. >> in your work there at the southern poverty center -- as you look forward to the next year about hate crimes in the lgbt community, what are we missing in the conversation? >> well i don't know about looking forward but i think what people should understand is that although the orlando massacre was certainly the most incredible piece of violence we have seen in american history directed at lgbt people it is not for want of trying. it is worth remembering that a mere three years ago on new year's eve of 2013 in seattle, a man tried to literally burn alive 750 people in an upstairs gay night club. they were saved because patrons actually smelled the fire that this man had set with gasoline in the stairwell leading up to this club and managed to smother it but that was something of a miracle. we could have been talking about, you know, an even more
1:39 pm
horrific case than orlando. >> the upstairs lounge you talk about there in louisiana. >> no, it was in 1973. that was a long time ago. >> you said seattle i'm sorry. >> 32 people were killed. this was a different case in 2013. >> right. thank you, mark from the southern poverty law center thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> next a look at what it takes to win. donald trump focussing on white working class voters but is it the best strategy to claim the oval office in november? we'll break down the numbers. . you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash ck on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-ere. i shouldn't haveo ask. what's in your walle
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wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you >> new data from the new york times shows it is possible. some swing states more winnable than others. take ohio for example. to win there trump will need only three points more of the white working class vote than mitt romney won in 2012.
1:43 pm
all things being equal. in wisconsin a 7 point bump and swing state nevada the most difficult, he would need 9% more among white working lass voters compared to four years ago. again all things being equal. and to that point all things are not equal trump lags in support and mathematically he can offset that though. last elections exit polling missed large number of white voters. for instance the study found 10 million whites over 45 without a college degree that did vote but were not known about before in the exit polls. it also found this discovery
1:44 pm
helped democrats and one in three working class whites voted for president obama in 2012. not 1 in 4. how does secretary clinton counter this trump path to victory? focus on winning over minority women and college educated white voters. for each gain she makes there trump must add the equivalent of white working class voters to still win in november. for more on that let's bring in democratic strategist and it's matt welch. what part of this at a at a do you not disagree with? >> we can't disagree with data can we? the assumption that donald trump is going to get the white working class vote, he'll get it but it's going to have to
1:45 pm
torture the cross tabs in order to get any group of people who are going to be a majority of trump. they're going to get over 50%. it has to be white males with no college degree. a group which i hastem to add that i belong to. it's not that big of a gap and that's been a laser beam like focus so far. he needs to do better with that group than right now. >> single digit percentage point increase as we're looking at the white working class vote in swing states. sabrina what about the white working class here being a bigger part of the obama win? that's another result of this data. and president ball balm does much better in this space. >> that's why the republicans certainly cannot assume that white working class voters will gravitate toward donald trump because it turned out that 36%
1:46 pm
of obama support came from white voters with a college degree. another thing is this assumes all things equal when they're not equal and he is also underperforming in key demographics that helped republicans. as well as women and even republican women indicating they would not support donald trump in a majority and the demographics he could do far worse. he is expected to do worse in groups like hispanic and african american voters. >> as a democratic strategist these numbers we're getting from the new york times they do hint toward president obama's midwestern firewall and may aim now. if
1:47 pm
operation microtargeting and data that could count on getting out the amount of white voters he would need you might give him that but there's no evidence of that. i would simply say one of the things that the article does is its almost taking the plans from if last war and using them to fight the new one. one thing about demographics is it's going difficulty would be donald trump. donald putting together which is a coalition of one. white voters only. >> when we look at the numbers
1:48 pm
itself it shows it can be done though. that was the question that was out there. possible? yes. we'll see a much different elect elect states states that make up the 50 states of the country. >> does donald trump in a month or so turn his strategy around? he is way behind in all the groups except white males. can he turn it around and when and how does he do it to get hispanics and women on his side? >> that's the question we have
1:49 pm
been asking time and time again. this will be the last time that donald trump makes a controversial remark. this was the one that will change his strategy and you were talking earlier in the program about if you saw his response to the orlando shooting and looked at his comments there's no indication that you'll see a more presidential donald trump and he's also operating under the premis that the republican party doesn't need to expand it's appeal among minorities they did not support mitt romney in a that case when that is proven to not be accurate. he does need to build an apparatus to target the groups when he is losing ground but it's hard to imagine with the public record that a lot of these groups especially minorities have found to be disqualifying fa he can turn that around with the remaining few months before november.
1:50 pm
>> democratic strategist. and thank you for spending your saturday with us. >> funerals for some of the 49 victims underway today. we'll speak to the cousin of one of those about who his loved one was and the change he hopes this tragedy will bring. reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! d i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's gd to be in, good hands. hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. same here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay.
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there are more funerals today for some of the victims of last weekend's night club shooting in orlando. at this point the death toll remains at 49. among those killed eric, ivan ortiz rivera that was just 36 years old. we're joined by one of his cousins. orlando, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. who was eric. >> eric was my older cousin.
1:54 pm
he was a fun loving individual. he was really the rock of our family. i was particularly close to eric. i'm also gay and part of the lgbt community so to me he was an older brother. >> why were you so close? >> i think we're the two people that are are a part of the lgbt community so i think growing up he definitely looked out for me. there's a ten year gap between us but he always took me out to hang out with him. spent a lot of time together growing up and he was the person that i would go to. the one person in my family that i can definitely reach out to whenever i needed something. >> what piece of advice did he give you? >> how he lived. the way he unapologetically lived his life. he came out at a time when
1:55 pm
acceptance of the homosexual community one in mainstream media so it was hard for him and i always admired how he was the pioneer and paved the way for me. so really what he left behind was, you know, this feeling in me that i can't hide. that i need to be visible. that people need to understand that, you know, we're human beings as well and that we all want the same thing which is is family, community, and love. >> what was the last conversation that you had with him? >> he called me on thursday before the night club shooting and called me to tell me he had got me my favorite pair of sunglasses. i lost them a couple of weeks ago and he had found them again and bought them for me and we made plans to hang out upcoming weekend in july. i live in miami so i didn't get to go up to orlando as often as i wanted to but we made plans to hang out and that was the last conversation we had.
1:56 pm
>> are you going to get those sunglasses? >> i got them already, actually. as soon as the tragedy happened i flew into orlando on monday and i when to the memorial and i met up with his husband who gave me the sunglasses. we had a memorial on thursday and got to say good-bye for him. >> so when you wear those sunglasses what will you forever think? >> his spirit. always think of him dancing in the club not really caring what people think. just enjoying life to the fullest. i'll think about his smile. i'll think about his jokes and his kind loving heart. >> orlando gonzalez, our hearts go out to you and i can't thank you enough for sharing the story of eric. an important person to you and to so many as you described. >> thank you. >> you bet. that's all for us this hour of msnbc live. i'm richard lui in new york. stay with us for news updates on
1:57 pm
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>> is that kid okay? >> who doesn't want to believe that you can really run on water. >> believe it sunshine. >> video magicians at work. >> it's so goofy and so unbelievable and that's what makes it so funny. >> their bags full of tricks. >> by the end of it i was pulling my hair out. i have nightre


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